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  • Perform Site Steward activities including inspecting assigned sites according to a Site Visit Plan and the Site Steward Manual.

  • File Site Visit Reports

  • Report site changes due to human and/or natural influences in the Site File and to the field coordinator and appropriate authorities. 

  • Make recommendations that may improve the management of a site, including signs, protective measures, erosion control, etc.

  • Abide by the agreement to follow the code of conduct and ethics of the program.

  • Participate actively in the program by accepting stewardship commitments or other assigned functions commensurate with time and availability. A Site Steward is expected to make a minimum of four visits a year (certain exceptions might reduce this number) to be considered active.

  • Maintain records on the activity log of the time and mileage spent monitoring sites in the field, in educational programs pertaining to the Site Steward Program or in performing other assigned duties.

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