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South Park National Heritage Area

SPSS and the South Park National Heritage Area (SPNHA) have had a long-standing partnership in preservation, community outreach and educational efforts.   We conduct special public presentations and participate in other community events such as the annual South Park Symposium.  SPSS contributed 3,300 hours and over 19,000 automobile miles to SPNHA in 2019 as in-kind donations.

Public Land Agencies 

SPSS partners with public land agencies: Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, State of Colorado and local agencies, in routine archaeological site monitoring and a variety of other special projects. Each agency is governed by its own rules, regulations, purpose and land use mandates, and each oversees distinct districts within South Park’s vast landscape.  SPSS is uniquely positioned to work across the boundaries separating these agencies and hence can serve as an important resource for their cultural resource management activities and can help to create a broader context for them.

Park County

Department of Heritage & Tourism

Park County manages a State Archaeological Repository. For more information please contact: 719-836-4298

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