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ArcGIS Technology

Rooted in the science of geography, ArcGIS is a dynamic mapping and analytics platform that integrates many types of data.  Maps, datasets, and apps produced by SPSS transform location-based field activities into a dynamic collection of authoritative data used to support the archaeological community.  Site Stewards now use ArcGIS geospatial applications to compile foundational data layers and basemaps, providing powerful analytic tools and map styles to help researchers discover and interpret the developing story of South Park heritage. 

Our Tools  

With apps developed by SPSS in conjunction with professional archaeological standards, Site Stewards perform accurate data collection in the field using tablets to automatically locate GPS coordinates, photograph artifacts and sites, and facilitate metadata collection in conformance with professional archaeological standards.  Location-based data syncs with our system of record once connected again to the Internet.  Stewards are able to optimize recordation and operational efficiency of field activities in remote locations and at high altitudes. 

Our Impact  

This advanced technology provides the archaeological community with continuously expanding, accurate and analyzable data.  Analytic reports to land owners and state agencies are quickly and accurately generated.  Greater insight and a deeper understanding of spatial analysis and data science help to explore and refine the archaeological story of South Park.  

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